Monday, August 25, 2014

Dashboard Lights: Part Three, The E.F. Johnson Company

Like many of the light companies spotlighted in this series, E.F. Johnson's roots were in radio. Founded in 1923 by its namesake, this is another example of a company that responded to the market. These were initially built for radios, but were also easily adapted to light boards or dashes, as they could accommodate 6 or 12 volt bulbs and related current.

The example above is a beautiful red-glass lensed light in the 3/4" size. It has the "beehive" step around the bezel, signifying its older age. Of course, being based out of Minnesota, their mascot is a Viking!

The company was the pride of Waseca, branching out into as many fields as their equipment could support

They also made Morse keys...

and CB Radios.

 E.F. Johnson finally sold itself in 1997 to software manufacturer Transcrypt International, ending the manufacturing of its varied and unique lines.
But when their other vintage products are no longer functioning, and the repair parts have evaporated, their simple, but beautiful lights will shine on!

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