Monday, November 26, 2018

Build A 1932 Ford Roadster California Racer From 1947 Ray Kunz Booklet

This is a rare 1947 publication, from the Floyd Clymer hot rod library, on what a 1932 dry lakes racer looks like, and how to do the body in the authentic, old school set-up. I wish I had the body to play with!

Monday, October 15, 2018

1970 Oldsmobile, The James Garner "Goodyear Grabber"

McQueen wasn't the only actor who did his own driving... plus James Garner was a helluva man in his offscreen life. He was decorated Korean War vet, Humanitarian, and married for 58 years.

1958 Havana, Cuba Signed Poster by Juan Manuel Fangio

1928 European Sports Cars For The Public

The late 1920's and early 1930's were an exciting time in automotive history. The transition into "luxury" and sports cars for the public, not just the rich, made for a wonderful blend of style and panache.
Included below are pictures of the Bugatti Grand Prix car, and also two shots of the amazing Peugeot "flip-top" 5 CV Torpedo, with top up and down...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pininfarina, Watch Designer!

We all know of Pininfarina, and his penchant for designing sleek and beautiful custom bodies for Ferrari and other iconic automobiles, but the Pininfarina firm is also responsible for designs in architectural studies, accessories, and even jewelry, including stylish wristwatches.
This is an example of an early 2000's watch design for men. It was done in conjunction with Eterna, which at the time was a watchmaking company owned by Porsche design, interestingly enough. They worked together with Pininfarina to create a quartz chronograph watch with a beautiful blue checkerboard dial. The tie-in with this legendary auto designer was fated to exist for only a few short years, however, as Porsche sold the company to a Hong Kong conglomerate in 2012.

Here is a beautiful example of this rare bird...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Sports Car Engine by Floyd Clymer 1949 1951

The Floyd Clymer series of car books should be on every car-buff's bookshelf. He had his name on a whole progression of subjects, from a series of thumbnail description on Veteran and Antique brands both dead and thriving, and a helpful collection on gaining power for your flathead Ford, Sports Car Engines etc...
Here is the latter title, published in 1949, that isn't easy to find. It's chock full of vintage info and pictures, and it's a real nice introduction to early post-war racers. Also, a couple of pics from a later incarnation, Speed From The Sports Car (1951).
Enjoy this sampling!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This is a rare double-header movie poster for two of the most iconic "car chase" films ever made, the legendary "Vanishing Point" flick starring that ill-fated white Challenger, and of course, the wild "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" Mopar fest, together on tour at your local drive-ins from Lubbock, Texas to Woodburn, Oregon, and all cool theaters in between. 

   "3-1/2 hours of high performance" car carnage!

Monday, May 28, 2018

1972 VEGA Funny Car With Hemi And Detroit Locker

Here's another strip terror; a lightweight Vega with a Keith Black 426, tearing up the quarter-mile on a John Buttera chassis. And of course, nothing beats those classic paint jobs like the one on this Braskett and Burgin creation...