Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Installing AMX / Javelin Exhaust Pipes

It's not easy to find vintage information on how the AMC crowd beefed up their rides back in the day. Fortunately, Hi-Performance magazine was all over it, and did a series of pony car hop-ups, including this nice spread on hanging pipes off your street rig for maximum breathing, and great looks!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The 1958 Wichita Drag Wagon Dragster

The Wichita Drag Wagon dragster was the brainchild of Duane Rose and Lloyd Davis. They decided to make the switch from a 1948 Mercury flathead to this 1956 Pontiac set-up with Potvin stick and four stromberg carbs providing the breathing. It won over 25 trophies, and was one the rare engine set-ups running at the time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vintage Star Trek Harley Dash

Leave it to Harley owners to flout convention, especially back in the day when things like "speed limits" were a nuisance, not a guideline. This guy decided 120 wasn't going to cut it, and reconfigured his readings to "Warp Factor" 500!
Another classic hog rider!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dissect A Dash: The Fred Stebbins Roadster

The Fred Stebbins homebuilt special is a masterpiece of ingenuity. Using fiberglass molds, a boat windshield and a Crosley donor, he made a throwback-styled to-scale hot rod, that even for his time was a 50's tribute, in 1970.

The dash is simple, clean, and unique. He's running the Sun Tach (at first blush; it could be SW, very hard to see through the pixels), a Stewart Warner pressure gauge, and the timeless Stewart Warner -made Crosley "four-in-one" gauge cluster.

Here's a closeup shot of that Crosley cluster. It's really a beautiful set.

Sometimes using what you have results in the perfect design; in this case, it's 100% true!

Monday, October 13, 2014

More Vintage Hot Rod Dashes From 1961 (Custom Craft)

1961 Custom Craft, November

This is an interesting article that features not one, but two Stewart Warner Hollywood gauge panels, and both are using the Sun Tach. That should tell you about the problems that SW had with it's electric tachometer business in the late-50's, early sixties.

Interestingly enough, this panel is using the Sun Tach AND an electric SW speedometer, which is curious since the SW tach and the SW speedo are based on the same technology, yet they still went with the Sun instrument.

Here you see, again, a Sun Tach in a Hollywood panel...

All Stewart Warner, from gauge to panel, except the Sun gauge. At least the speedo is a regular, non-electric instrument.

It's very telling that you would see, consistently, this arrangement; pure SW, and a Sun tachometer. This tach gave Sun foothold in the aftermarket gauge market, breaking the Stewart Warner stranglehold.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dashboard Lights: Part Five, The Signal Indicator Corporation

Not much is known today about the Signico Company today. They seemed to be one of the war cottage industries, that supplied equipment for military and electronic use, then fell by the wayside due to better-funded competitors.

One cool aspect of their light designs was that hot rod double-step in the bezel, both in the lens bezel and the holder as well. This gave it more of a true beehive styling appearance, and it stood out from Dialco, Gothard, Drake and the others. These are VERY hard to find, only a handful have crossed my collection.

It's too bad they at least didn't hold on to their New York building till today (16 Hudson St., downtown Mahattan); you're looking at tens of millions in value... that'll buy a lot of faceted glass!