Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dashboard Lights: Part Four, The Mallory - Yaxley Company

By the 1940's, Mallory was already a well-known manufacturer of capacitors, and with their merger with Yaxley, they became a multi-faceted producer of many radio parts, including lights.

1940 Mallory Yaxley catalog

Formed in 1916, by P.R. Mallory, the company was a real pioneer in battery technology, becoming associated with Duracell later in the Century. In 1931, they acquired the Yaxley Company, and became a full-line producer of radio parts, including the jeweled light style pictured above.
It's a 3/8" style, with a rich red faceted jewel, and is easily interchanged with a 6 or 12-volt bulb for your hot rod dash.

Mallory Factory in Indianapolis
Although they didn't produce much, if any of the wider range of light styles that some of the other spotlighted companies did, in the end they were one of the most successful, leading the way in battery technology.

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