Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dashboard Lights: Part Five, The Signal Indicator Corporation

Not much is known today about the Signico Company today. They seemed to be one of the war cottage industries, that supplied equipment for military and electronic use, then fell by the wayside due to better-funded competitors.

One cool aspect of their light designs was that hot rod double-step in the bezel, both in the lens bezel and the holder as well. This gave it more of a true beehive styling appearance, and it stood out from Dialco, Gothard, Drake and the others. These are VERY hard to find, only a handful have crossed my collection.

It's too bad they at least didn't hold on to their New York building till today (16 Hudson St., downtown Mahattan); you're looking at tens of millions in value... that'll buy a lot of faceted glass!

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