Friday, April 19, 2013

Speed Mechanics Magazine 1953 - 1954 Covers

Some of the purest and most nostalgic hot rod cover art paintings were produced by Speed Mechanics Magazine in the early 1950's. Here's a few highlights that are personal favorites of mine...

Speed Mechanics Magazine, Premiere Issue #1, January 1953

Speed Mechanics Magazine, March, 1954
He's mooning over his "pin-up"; a new Corvette, while he polishes his 1932 Chevrolet. A Chevy man through-and-through!

Speed Mechanics Magazine, August, 1954
The detail is painstaking on the car. Notice the distorted "reflection" in the baby moon hubcaps, and the SHARP brand speed equipment heads.


Interestingly, that same striking cover of the first issue of Speed Mechanics was reproduced for another magazine, "How To Soup-Up Your Car!" that was published in the Fall of 1958.

And to continue the theme, the cover of the May, 1959 issue of "How To Soup-Up Your Car!" was filched from the 1955, April edition of "Speed Mechanics"...

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