Thursday, April 25, 2013

One-Offs #2: The Harley Davidson Skulls Police Special Speedometer Face

This is a fun one. I know that here have to be more out there, but I've still just seen this one.
It's a 1970's era Trick Custom face for the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. 

It has the Police Special text, Harley-Davidson, and awesome "I don't give a f*%& about my speed" skulls instead of MPH numbers. This fits on a Stewart Warner speedometer, and I would run this evil face on my Harley as is, scratches and all.

This particular guy sold on Ebay for just under $200, as I recall. I wanted it bad, since it's compatible with the Stewart Warner set-up, but not 200 dollars bad.

What's interesting, and aggravating as well, is that this was previously on Etsy (seriously). I don't know how much it sold for there, but the guy who bought it turned it pretty quick. Here's the Etsy photo...

As you can tell, it has the same wear pattern and scratches as the Ebay one. The seller said he pulled it off his 1976 Shovelhead. 

I've said it about other rarities, and I'll say it again about this one: it would be cool to see this guy re-popped and available again; I'd be first in line.

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