Monday, February 10, 2014

This Guy Did It Right, with a 1936 Studebaker Dictator Dash

There are very few times that I'm surprised by what I see in the dashes of custom rods. Most seem to be re-hashes of looks they've seen in other cars, or new-looking Autozone sets, or just the original gauges, maybe freshened up a bit.

That's why I was surprised to run across this set, (picture by Justin Oney on ,   ) which is a smart take on an already beautiful set.

This cluster is from a 1936 Stude Dictator, which by itself is the height of transition Art Deco into sleek modernism. The set is a knockout on it's own...

1936 Dictator

Now notice the sly thing he did? In order to keep the lines of the dashboard, he flipped the gauges upside down, and had the graphics redone in the same original style, but reversed. Smart, and sharp!

Thanks to for the posting of the first picture.

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