Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Dick Flint 1929 Ford Roadster: Build Your Own Track Grille Nose

One of the most revered hot rods of the 1950's was the famous Dick Flint Roadster. A Fire-engine Red 1929 Ford, it possessed two of the standard-bearers in custom rodding design. One was the 1932 Auburn dash panel...

And the other was that front end. That beautiful piece of speed sculpture dubbed the "track nose".
Without it, it's just another sharp, cool jalopy from that era, but with it, it's a Hot Rod Magazine cover gal, and just recently, the newly-auctioned record-setter (it just sold for over half-a-million dollars at the last SRM Auction).

So unique, and wondrous was this nose-job, that at least two national magazines gave you step-by-step instructions on their own variations of this design, and, for the first time ever, here are those instructions. 
So pick up the torch, refill the Acetylene tanks, and get ready to turn your Model A into an A+!

The first article is from Rodding & Re-Styling, 1956, and the one below it is from the Custom Handbook #5, 1962. Enjoy!

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