Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 1967 1968 Fiberfab Ford Mustang

I'm a Mopar guy, as you might have gathered from previous posts. There was something about the styling, especially in the 1960's prototypes that appealed to me esthetically.

Two prime examples are the 1968 Dodge Charger III Concept...

1968 Dodge Charger III Concept Car

And also the "adopted' Mopar brand, the AMC AMX III Concept...

1971 AMX III Concept Car

So it was really an easy switch to fall for the Ford Mustang with the Fiberfab body kit.

From Road & Track magazine, May, 1967

The Fiberfab kit came in two versions in 1967 and 1968. The company had two plants; in Germany and one in  Milpitas. Larry Shinoda, (the brain behind the Boss 302 concept)  was working for GM at the time but designed the front end as a moonlighting job.

Unlike many of the other FiberFab cars and products the front ends did not sell well (not many wanted to take a new Mustang, add another 10-15% and tear the front end off their car), and because of this only about 50 were made initially.

The kit included only the front end (of either version ordered) but many of the cars that they were/are on were modified in addition to that, with the kick-up trunk spoiler and rear taillight treatments being popular.
How many of these originals are left is a good question, and the best guess is around a couple dozen or less.

A rare nose piece popped up on Ebay recently, complete with the original sales literature. It's pretty tempting to take that plain jane Mustang, and rev it up with this kit. Part Daytona, part Ford GT40, part Shelby, completely cool.

If you see a red-nosed 66 running around Chicago, with a half-assed paint job, it'll be me. I just have to get the scratch together, and build the dream...

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