Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pininfarina, Watch Designer!

We all know of Pininfarina, and his penchant for designing sleek and beautiful custom bodies for Ferrari and other iconic automobiles, but the Pininfarina firm is also responsible for designs in architectural studies, accessories, and even jewelry, including stylish wristwatches.
This is an example of an early 2000's watch design for men. It was done in conjunction with Eterna, which at the time was a watchmaking company owned by Porsche design, interestingly enough. They worked together with Pininfarina to create a quartz chronograph watch with a beautiful blue checkerboard dial. The tie-in with this legendary auto designer was fated to exist for only a few short years, however, as Porsche sold the company to a Hong Kong conglomerate in 2012.

Here is a beautiful example of this rare bird...

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