Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The AMC Hornet Funny Car That Never Was...THE STINGER

Although the American Motors Company were well-represented in all levels of racing, including drag racing, and the funny cars of the muscle car era were colorful, quick and cool.

Most car aficionados immediately think of Javelin and AMX, maybe the Scrambler when they think of AMC, there were a group of small, modified lighter-weight cars that were perfect for the strip, cars like the Gremlin, and the Hornet.
The Hornet was a neat little speedster that, when combined with one of the AMC big blocks like the 360, 401 or 390, made great times down the quarter mile. This one run by Shirley Shahan, the Drag-On-Lady, was one such racer...

And others, like Wally Booth...

But a couple more would have looked great on the track, but didn't get past the JoHan model stage, but were awesome concepts, like the generic model below...

and then there was the legendary "Stinger"!

With plausible graphics, and impressive launch shot, this plastic model embodied the mixed concept of hot rod caricature with realistic detailing. In other words, it didn't exist, but easily could have.

It was a neat little model, and the graphics were definitely a highlight.

The yellow variation was still cool!

Hornets are comparatively cheap today, and what better inspiration do you need to make a tribute to a "tribute"? Someone needs to bring this concept to full-blown life, and I'll be the first to line up for tickets...

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