Thursday, October 1, 2015

The 1935 Jean Bugatti Faux Cabriolet

I've touched on the tragedy of Jean Bugatti before, the scion of the Bugatti dynasty, who met a tragic fate testing out their latest Grand Prix racer on what they thought was a closed-off road.

His legacy as a designer is breathtaking. He also grew up on the factory floor, and often tuned and altered the race cars that his father's company produced. But he was always as concerned about the styling panache and the creature comforts of the Bugatti vehicle, knowing that his customer didn't just want to go fast, but to look good doing it.

Here are a couple of vintage, and rare, shots of the roll-down feature on a Jean Bugatti original, from a 1935 French auto magazine, and a nice color publicity shot from the time.  Enjoy the genius of elegant simplicity, by Jean.

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