Monday, December 29, 2014

Dissect A Dash: The Bud Groner 1932 Ford Roadster (1953)

The Bud Groner Deuce roadster, as featured in this article from a 1953 issue of Speed Mechanics, was highlighted as a paragon of safety in the hot rod era, with protected car batteries, fuel shut-off valve, strengthened frame and other cutting-edge approaches.

But of course, the main attraction for this observer is the cockpit. It's a sweet custom panel, packed with Stewart Warner gauges.

To the right, of course, is the fuel shut-off valve, a rarity in a commercial cab. The panel surround is custom shape, very reminiscent of the 1933 Pierce...

1933 Pierce Arrow panel

The instruments, as mentioned, are all SW. The interesting aspect in this is that even though the new tachometer from SW was available, and this was a cutting edge hot rod, Bud went with an older style tach, a style standby from the 1940's, and purely mechanical. He chose it even though it's an obvious orphan style in that panel lineup.

The rest of the gauges seem to be all Wings-insignia, except perhaps the water temperature. The other switches and knobs (headlights, indicator lights) are all off to the left-hand side. 

All-in-all, it's a clean, classic look, with traditional touches, and a great example of mid-1950's hot rod styling.

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