Sunday, July 20, 2014

1942 Desoto Steering Wheel Cigarette Dispenser

This is one of the rarest options you'll run across, a handy cig-spitter built in to your steering wheel, courtesy of the 1942 Desoto.

Who hasn't thought, "Ya know, while I'm cruising at 75 miles an hour, I'd like my steering device to double as a vending machine....

Only a nicotine-fiend engineer could have spent the many 10-pack hours it took to imagine, blueprint and test out such a dangerous attention-splitting device. What did they decide not to invent, maybe a beer-dispensing gas pedal?

Well, here it is, enjoy, and yeah, I would stick one on my wheel, if it spat out Snickers Bars...


  1. I had a '42 DeSoto Fifth Avenue convertible which included this feature in the model's package of accessories. Thanks for posting the patent!

  2. Amazing I wish my 53 DESOTO had this feature