Friday, February 8, 2013

1948 White Trucks Stewart Warner Gauges

The 1948 White Truck dashboard set, in my mind, is one of the most beautiful sets designed both in form, graphics and color.

The background is a stunning bronze/gold, with a brick-colored "bullseye" centerpiece graphic.

Both the gauges have the distinctive "Arrow" needle, an elegant compliment to the utilitarian function of a large truck instrument, and the black and white color scheme makes them stand out, and easy to read.

The multi-gauge set-up is perfect. All levels can be read at a glance, with big clear numeration and again, contrasting needle color to the background.

This style is one that was popular in the late-forties with SW customers. Crosley was another noted user of this style, with a different needle and one color backgrounds and the Crosley name and arrow logo.
 Here's the Crosley version, below...


And the speedometer. Notice the "Plain Jane" needle.

Interestingly, the White Truck gauge needle was shared with a few other car makes, including a rare mid-thirties Desoto set.
The needle was lengthened out a bit to fit the larger instrument size more esthetically.

All in all, the 1948 SW White Truck set is a keeper, and the boldness of it's design and color scheme impress today as much as they must have back then.


  1. Wow! The White truck gauges are gorgeous Tony! I love 'em. The "W" could stand for "Woodill Wildfire" too :)

    Geoff Hacker
    Forgotten Fiberglass

  2. That's true! That would make a killer set for those...

  3. Hi there,.. I found the speedometer that you have photographed above "1948 White Trucks Stewart Warner Gauges ". I came across your page while researching. Will be listing it on eBay starting this Sunday evening. Mine is pretty beat but hope it can be restored. May I use just a bit of your verbiage for my listing. I will respectfully accept decline. Take good care. Jan

    I found a Stewart Werner tach too...

  4. Go for it! They are truly beautiful gauges.